XIV. Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine (MSRM)

21 Nisan 2016 (Salon A)

Physiological Role of Progesterone In The Luteal Phase and The Endometrium
Professor Ioannis E. Messinis

How Can Obesity And Insulin Resistance Impact On Implantation Failure And / Or Miscarriage
Prof. Md. Mehmet C. Çolakoğlu

Early Pregnancy Evalua/Ng The Signs And Signals
Roy Farquharson

Impact of Ovarian Stimulation On The Luteal Endometrium
Professor Ioannis E. Messinis

Thrombophilia And Reproductive Failure
Dr. Roy Farquharson

Can Endometrial Sractch/Injury Improve Implantation?
Prof. Timur Gürgan MD

Impact Of Ovarian Stimulation On The Luteal Endometrium
Professor Ioannis E. Messinis

21 Nisan 2016 (Salon B)

XIV Meeting Of The Mediterranean Society For Reproductive Medicine
P.Inaudi, MD, PhD

Ultrasonographıc Aspects Of Pcom And Pcos
Tatjana Motrenko Simic

Metabolıc Alteratıons In Women Wıth Pcos
Dr. Ziya Kalem

Practical Approach To PCOS Women Wishing To Conceive
Prof. Dr. Basil C. Tarlatzis

Gonadotrophıns Admınıstratıon In Pcos
Professor Ioannıs E. Messınıs

Dıet And Dıetary Supplement In Pcos
C. Manna

Prevention And Management Of OHSS
Huseyın Gorkemlı

21 Nisan 2016 (Salon C)

Cleavage Stage Embryo Cryopreservation Slow Freezing Versus Vitrification
Basak Balaban

Blastocyst Stage Cryopreservation: Toward Single Embryo Transfer Policy
Borut Kovačič

Open Versus Closed System for Vitrification: Pros and Cons
Assist. Prof. Dr. Evrim Ünsal

Oocyte Cryopreservation: Efficiency and Safety
Necati Fındıklı

21 Nisan 2016 (Salon D)

How to Prevent and Manage Major (Vascular,Bowel,Ureteral and Bladder) Complications: Technical Skills
Yücel Karaman M.D. Professor

Effect of Cesarean Scar Defect (Isthmocele) For Future Fertility, Critical Apprisal on The Management Options
Prof.Dr.Murat Api MD

How to Prevent and Manage a Major Complica6on: Non Technical Skill (Concept of MTT – Physiological Approach and Recovery)
Prof Dr Recai Pabuçcu

How Information And Consent Help To Manage Complication
Prof Dr Recai Pabuçcu

22 Nisan 2016 (Salon A)

Scottish University Of The Year
Christopher Barratt

Human Sperm Func-Onality Tests: Time To Proceed?
Esat Orhon Professor MD.

Morphokinetic Analysis of Early Stage Human Embryos: Does It Have Any Clinical Significance?
Elif G. Ergin

Fresh, Frozen Or Personalized Day5 Transfer: How To Decide ?
Lale Karakoç Sökmensüer

Should Genetic Testing Be Applied Universally in IVF?
Necati Fındıklı

Oocyte Assessment And Embryo Grading Schemes
Thomas Ebner

The Role Of Hcg İn Ovulation İncreasing IVF Results
Dımıtrıs Loutradıs

Stımulatıon And Ovulatıon Trıggerıng
Professor Ioannıs E. Messınıs

Embryo Transfer How To Select And When To Transfer
Kersti Lundin

An Overview Of Uterine Factors That Influence Implantation!
Bulent Urman, M.D.

“Evalua&on of in Vitro Fer&liza&on Outcomes Using the FMR1 CGG Repeat Level and Genotypes as a Criterion”
Eleni Theochari

Hormon Profile İn 416 Adolescent Girls With Menstruel İrregularity
Hale Göksever Çelik

Menopause & HRT
Dr/Hayat M Al-Harthy

Assessing Endometrial Receptivity: Endometrial Markers of Implantation
Dr. José A. Horcajadas

Could The Female To Male Transgender Population Be Donor Candidates For Uterus Transplantation?
Murat Api

A Multivariate Analysis Of Large For Gestation Risk Factors İn IVF And Naturally Conceived Singletons
Sara Korosec

22 Nisan 2016 (Salon B)

Current Management of Hydrosalphinges: To operate or not to operate
Murat Api

Laparascopic Myomectomy Pros and Cons in Infertile Patients
Prof. Cihat UNLU

The Place Of Office Hysteroscopy Before IVF
Prof.Dr. Hikmet HASSA

Is Removal Of Endometriomas Necessary Before IVF/ICSI Treatment?
F. Kübra Boynukalın

The IX. Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine
Prof. Dr. Recai Pabuçcu

Menopause And Cancer Risk; What To Do Overcome The Risks?
Fatih Durmuşoğlu

Operative Techniques For Male İnfertility
Ateş Kadıoğlu

Screening Of Man Prior To IVF/ICSI
Christopher Barratt

Optimal Management Of Endometriosis Associated İnfertility
Engin Oral

Medical Management Of Endometriosis: Novel Targets And Future Treatments
Erkut Attar

Nutrıtıonal Support For Infertıle Males
Maurizio Dattilo

Intra-Uterine Insemination Evidence-Based Gyuidelines For Daily Practive
Willem Ombelet

Optimal Approaches Of Laparoscopic Endometriosis Surgery To Protect Ovarian Reserve
Yücel Karaman

23 Nisan 2016 (Salon A)

Patient Tailored Ovarian Stimulation For IVF
Prof.Dr. Bart CJM Fauser

Lps For Fresh & Frozen Replacement Cycles – State Of The Art
Hakan Yaralı

The Place Of Mınd Body Balancıng In IVF Success
Ebru Alçolak Suatoğlu

The Future Of ART As Seen By An İndustrial Expert
Maurizio Dattilo

Facts And Fiction İn ART An Evidence Based Approach
M. Aboulghar

PCOS Diagnosis And Management
Prof.Dr. Bart CJM Fauser

Determinants Of Successful Embryo Transfer
N.Cem Fıçıcıoğlu

Cumulus Cells Gene Expression in Patients Attending IVF
Eda Vrtacnik Bokal

Preconceptional Test For Monogenic Diseases
Dr. José A. Horcajadas

The Future of PGD And PGS: New Technologies And Gazing İnto The Crystal Ball
Muhterem Bahçe

Artificial Oocyte Activation (AOA)
Thomas Ebner

23 Nisan 2016 (Salon B)

Progestins in Cycle Control and Endometrium
Prof.Dr.Sezai Şahmay

Oral Contraceptions İn The Treatment Of Hyperandrogenism
Fatih Durmuşoğlu

Strong and Secure a New Option in Oral Contraception
Fatih Durmuşoğlu

Additional Benefits Of Oral Contraceptives
Dr. Serdar Dilbaz

Preparation Of Endometrium For Thawed Embryo Transfer
Ümit Goktolga

The Ideal Time for Embryo Transfer
Ramazan Mercan

Does The İncidence Of Metabolic Syndrome Vary Between The Different Phenotypes Of PCOS İn Adolescents?
Derya Akdağ Cırık

Impact Of Oral Antioxidant Treatment İn Men With High Sperm Dna Fragmentation And Repeated Art Failures
Emre Göksan Pabuçcu

Double Oocyte Retrieval İn A Cancer Patient For Emergency Fertility Preserva1on: A Case Report
Gülnaz Şahin

Systematic And Standardized Hysteroscopic Endometrial İnjury For Treatment Of Recurrent İmplantation Failure (RIF): Preliminary Results Of A Prospective And Randomized Trial
Müberra Namlı Kalem

Effects Of Avanafıl On Sperm Motılıty And Sperm Cytoskeleton In Olıgoasthenospermıc Infertıle Men: A Randomızed Controlled Trıal
Paul Sideris

24 Nisan 2016 (Salon A)

Gamete Productıon,Gene Edıtıng And Other Novel Technıques : Ready For Applıcatıon In Art?
Anna Veiga

SCNT And IVF Novel Approaches For Treating Mitochondrial Diseases
Necati Fındıklı

Dıfferent Approaches To Fertılıty Preservatıon Program
Vrtačnik Bokal Eda

Testıcular Tıssue Cryopreservatıon: Does It Impede IVF Success?
Dr. Sinan Özkavukcu

24 Nisan 2016 (Salon B)

Adenomyosis: İs The Present Classifications Adequate For Diagnosis And Treatment?
Grigoris F. Grimbizis

Luteal Phase Support in ART Cycles
Ahmet Zeki Işık

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